Forgiveness – how hard is that?

by Colin Dexter

Two words.  So hard to say. “Sorry” and “Forgive” especially when it is the “I” having to say it.

When we feel others have manipulated,abused,cheated,robbed or mocked us, why should we forgive. Surely we have the moral right not to forgive.

The Christian gospel introduces the notion that because God has forgiven us ,  we should forgive others    –  however painful that forgiveness might feel.

Is it difficult to forgive because we don’t fully appreciate to what length  God went to be able to offer forgiveness  to us?  We might say, “after all  it is only “sin” .

But everything has a price. How costly is “sin” (our rebellion against God)?  What price did God  pay for the forgiveness of “sin”?

Thanks Cindy Feb 9th

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