“Once he met Jesus” – Mozambique

by Colin Dexter

A Tsonga Bible – a Bible written in the heart language of Mozambique – is a rare item to possess. But in the hands of a believer who is equipped with Bible  Training, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, it is proving to be a powerful tool for building the Kingdom of God.

Once he met Jesus and began to know Him better, David knew that he had to tell others the Good News he had learned. By the grace of God, he had the courage to start with his own family and relatives. That can sometimes be a difficult road, especially if the important people in a believer’s life reject the message he or she is sharing. David’s message to those he loves was simple: “After long and many years of suffering, now I find peace in Jesus. This is the Jesus that I am testifying about to you. Come and let us follow Him together.” Next, David reached out to the people in his village. Since Bibles are scarce, having the Tsonga Bible and study materials available was a huge blessing for David.

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