“Jesus was calling me”

by Colin Dexter

Seven years ago , Ishoori Senchuri, then 15, became the answer to her question of how to protect children from traffickers. Living in a Hindu village in the beautiful Himalayan foothills of Nepal, she’d never heard of Jesus-until he appeared to her in a dream.

‘My health was in a very critical situation,’ she explains. ‘I dreamt a white-clothed man was calling me and he told me “I will give you life”. Jesus was calling me to Him.In my dream I also saw a church. So the next day I tried to find the church-and I did so I went there. I heard lots of things about Jesus Christ and salvation. I was completely healed and there was no problem in my stomach after that.’

Ishoori then rented a room and started a church in her own community.(the first) & with the help of Tear Fund began confronting trafficking .


Tear Fund   (Tear Times Autumn 14)

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