“why I’m coming out as a christian”

by Colin Dexter

Her recent blog for the Daily Beast broke the news: “Why I’m Coming Out as a Christian.”  Ana is emphatic: “To be clear, I don’t just believe in God.  I am a Christian.”  She adds that “decades of mass culture New Ageism has fluffed up ‘belief in God’ into a spiritual buffet, a holy catch-all for those who want to cover all the numbers. . . . Me, I’m going all in with Jesus.”

What led her to him?  She explains: “One of the most painful and reoccurring stumbling blocks in my journey is my inability to accept that I am completely whole and loved by God without doing anything.  That’s accompanied by a corresponding truth: There is nothing so great I can do to make God love me more.

“Because before I found God, I had an unconsciously manufactured higher power: I spent a lifetime trying to earn extra credit from some imaginary teacher, grade-grubbing under the delusion that my continued mistakes—missed assignments, cheating, other nameless sins—were constantly held against me.”

Ana (Washington)

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