Transformed by hearing the words of the Bible

by Colin Dexter

Dawit was a murderer and a thief. He was feared and hated around his town in rural Ethiopia. He terrorised woman , raped robbed & killed.

He received a double life sentence when caught and was imprisoned.

One day during recess hour he started to listen to an audio Bible and a voice that spoke about a God that died for our sins. He listened closely. He could hear three voices. One was Jesus and the other two were sinners. All were being crucified.

One sinner said they were being killed for a reason, but Jesus did not deserve his fate.

He started thinking and as he listened more he learned about Gods unfailing love for all humanity.

That night he could not sleep. The message would not go away. Even though rejected by society, he realised that Jesus Christ accepted & loved him no matter what.

As he listened more he  discovered  Jesus as he personal Lord & Saviour.

Dawit is still in prison but at age 46yrs he operates as the prison pastor and is trusted by the wardens.

Gods word can reach even the darkest places

(rom Bible Society March 2015)

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