Care For the family Conference 21st November Solihull

by Colin Dexter
Families matter to God

How can we best live out our faith within our families?

For many of us, the reality is that the pressures and busyness of modern family life often make it easy for faith to take a back seat. As couples, we want to grow together in our walk with God, but often find this difficult to put into practice. As parents, we long to nurture our children’s faith, but often feel we are failing in the task. And sometimes, we feel as if there’s little that our family can do to make a difference to others – to bring God’s love to those in our community.

But does it have to be like this?

  • What if married couples found simple ways to put God at the heart of their relationship?
  • What if parents worked in a new, dynamic way with youth and church leaders to nurture young people in their faith?
  • What if our churches increasingly became known as beacons of hope for families within our local communities?
  • What if, instead of pulling up the drawbridge, our homes became places of help, hope and inspiration to others?

Faith in the Family will provide space for us to explore these questions together. To achieve these goals we are not looking for those who come with easy answers. We want people who feel the need of God – perhaps those who have been broken a little. We need people who yearn to see families, including their own, become stronger, more vibrant in faith, and more easily able to weather the storms – financial, emotional, physical and spiritual – that hit every home

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