Through the Bible we encounter Jesus

by Colin Dexter

One night a lady could not sleep. At midnight she went downstairs and picked up a Bible. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been to church; nor had she ever opened a Bible on her own. When she opened it now, she noticed it was divided into an “old” part and a “new” part. She decided to start with the “new” part, figuring the book may have been updated.

So in the still of the night she sat on her living room floor and began to read Matthew’s gospel. By 3am she was in the middle of John’s gospel and found as she put it, that she had fallen in love with the character of Jesus. “I don’t know what I am doing ” she prayed to God “but I know you are  what I want”

It is uniquely in the Bible that we encounter Jesus. The message of the Bible is not just that help is coming – it has arrived.

God still meets people in such ways

Extract from “The life you always wanted ” John Ortberg

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