Thank God Jesus met me

by Colin Dexter

Thank God Jesus met me.

It was about 10 yrs ago during my last prison sentence. I was on suicide watch and the prison officers  thought I was going to end my life.

That was until a little old lady came into my pad. She told me that Jesus died for me. All the pain I was carrying he put on the cross for me. I thought she was a nut job at first. But when she left I opened the Bible and discovered it was true. I read Psalm 23 with new eyes. I heard him say to me that he was all I needed. I knew this the love I was looking for. so that day I asked Jesus to come into my life.

Straightaway I could feel a change in my heart. I lost the desire to do drugs and the self-harm stopped to.

Life story from “the message summer 2016”  CW  team member


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