If the son sets you free

by Colin Dexter

I saw a picture of a person in a prison cell.

The cell represented sin.

Jesus came to the cell and opened the door with the key.

He opened the door and told the person they were now free

He invited them to leave the cell.

The person was very grateful and thanked Jesus profusely

They even knelt down and worshipped and promised to read his book.

Jesus invited the person to leave the cell.

But the person remained seated with a look of resignation.

“I’m a bad person really. I’m not good enough to be let free from this cell.

When I feel a better person perhaps then I will leave this cell.

But I’m really grateful for you opening the door”.

Jesus said “ the door is open not because of who you are or what you have done but because

I have taken the key off the jailer. The price was my death on the cross.

Please , just walk out of the door.” The person sadly bowed their head.

Another person approached the cell bars. It was the Father.

Father says “my Son has set you free. He came to earth to pay the price for sin. The door is open.

Please take your right of freedom. The person sat in silence.

Another person sat alongside the person in the gaol. He was the Holy Spirit.

He said “I have come to help you live life outside this prison of sin. I have great plans for your life, things that you have never imagined while you sat in this cell but we are limited in what can be accomplished here.

Jesus Christ has opened the door, the Father calls you and I will go with you every step of the way. Come, leave your cell and enter into life with us.”

The person looked up and as I watched I just longed for that person to grab the opportunity of free life.

The question is from which side of the bars are you reading this story.

Suggested reading John 8

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