Listening to God

by Colin Dexter

More than just listening to us, God invited us to listen to him. What a precious invitation and an expression of true intimacy. God doesn’t just invite us to communicate at him, he invites us to communicate with him.

Yet it’s harder than ever to stop the relentless noise that’s thrown our way; to set aside our social media news feeds in order to find opportunities to listen to God’s voice. It’s much easier when we stop to pray to simply list our requests and move on.

Personally, it’s when I’ve fought to have the discipline to stop and listen to the one I am praying to that I have begun to know him. And in knowing him, I have found answers to my prayers.

Listening to God in prayer satisfies that desire that we have as humans to be known and to know – the psalmist encourages us that God wants us to be still and know.

To listen to the voice of our creator is the most grounding, perspective-giving, life-changing thing we can do. 24/7 pray

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