A Life That Matters

by Colin Dexter

Whether you’re ready or whether you’re not, one day it will come to an end,

There will be no sunrises, no minutes, no days, no cards to receive or to send.

All the things you’ve collected whether treasured  or not will just pass on to whom you desire.

What you owned or were owed, your ambitions and plans, and to do lists will then just expire.

What once seemed important will just fade away, with your gender, your colour, your power,

Your side of the tracks, your knowledge or lacks, will just end like the life of a flower.

The body you owned will be put in the ground, or be burned and your ashes get scattered.

So who’ll be bereft about the life that you left, your achievements and things that still matter.

What will really matter?  And how will the value of your days and your life then be measured?

Was your life lived in vain, caused some strife and some pain, or would your existence be treasured?

It’s not what you bought, it’s about what you built, not what you had but about what you gave,

It’s not what you learned, but what you then taught, not the ones you condemned but forgave.

Every act of integrity, compassion or courage, not what you had or you even desired,

What will be remembered are the footprints you left, for the ones that you may have inspired.

It’s about who will feel your loss when you’re gone, an example that they’re sad to lose.

The life that you live is not just a chance, it’s about all the roads that you choose.

© Dave Evans  (May 2016)

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