by Colin Dexter

It is true that often when we pray it is to ask God to help us in a time of difficulty , whether its financial or health or employment or other areas of need. Its as if we only pray when we want or need something.

The Bible talks about a time before “sin” became part of the fabric of this world, when God came down in the cool of the day for a “chat ” (Prayer) with the present incumbents of earth.

We can guess that those conversations were not requests for health or food or need as there was no “sin”. They would have been healthy in mind and body with a God given purpose on earth. What would the conversation (prayer) have been like?

Yes, God is a holy awesome God and we must be careful in our approach but the Bible also says that if we repent, confess our sins , and receive his forgiveness and receive the Holy Spirit God calls us his family & friends and we can address Him as our Father.

Prayer then becomes a normal conversation , like a father speaking to a growing child, like a growing child speaking to His Father.

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